5 Ways to Enjoy March Break with Your Kids

March 15, 2013 Family


SwingingAfter a long, cold winter, nothing makes kids happier than a week off from school and a sneak peek of spring weather during March break. Planning for the time off helps eliminate the midweek restlessness many kids face during their time away from school and regular activities. Here are five ways to help avoid the boredom and enjoy a fulfilling March break with your kids:



* Check in with your local community centres for daily activities or camps for your kids to do during the day. Sign up your kids and tell their friends’ parents about the camps so they can enjoy the time together. Another great way for your kids to spend time with their friends is to arrange a day at local museums, zoos or even a planetarium with their friends and families.

* No matter what the weather has in store, use this time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s a day on the ice rink, hiking through the wilderness or sledding at your local park, any outdoor activity beats staying at home all day.

* As fun as outdoor activities are, you’ll have to come back home at some point. Use this indoor time for arts and crafts, scrapbooking or teaching your young ones the art of baking cookies. Another fun activity for kids is personalizing their own picture mugs. They can choose a funny picture or take one with friends and upload a vibrant design to their mugs.

* Search around for the best places to take kids in or near your hometown. A day trip is always a good way to get out of the house and explore a new area, stretch the legs and discover historic sights and attractions nearby.

* The last thing you want to hear from your children during March break is, “I’m bored.” To avoid this, make a list of activities like playing board games, building forts, trips to the park and a few movie titles and put them in a jar. If you hear those dreaded words have your kids pick from the jar to brainstorm a fun activity.

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