Top 10 Reasons to Shop After Christmas

Shopping for the holidays can be a pain. Not only do you have to tough the crowds that fill up the stores, but you’re also paying holiday prices for items that will be out of date come the new year. If you can wait, here are 10 reasons why you should finish your holiday shopping after Christmas.

10. More Sales

After the holidays, you can bet that there are going to be more sales. Companies look to clear their shelves after the holidays, so you can expect massive discounts on items for which you may have paid full price just a few days earlier.


9. Open Box Deals

Every year, people flock to the customer-service aisles the day after Christmas to return gifts they don’t like. You can capitalize on this trend by getting open-box deals that include major discounts on the original price. The original recipient may have taken the gift out of the box, realized they didn’t like it, and returned it. Then, you get a brand new item for a much bigger discount.


8. Less Crowds

Crowd-filled shopping centers can be complete madness during the holidays. By shopping after Christmas, you can expect fewer crowds and less stress for you as a shopper.

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7. Finish Wish Lists

If you are shopping for family, it’s likely that they are not going to get some of the things on their wish lists. Shopping after Christmas is a great way to buy the things they didn’t get and make sure their entire holiday experience is one with which they’ll be happy.


6. Almost Old Items

Every year in January, the Consumer Electronics Show displays new electronics that will be hitting the market the following year. This means that old electronics will be have huge sales right before show. Like electronics, most industries release newer items at the beginning of the year, which means you can score on items that aren’t completely outdated, but have massive price discounts.


5. More Supply

Finding some high-demand items before Christmas is worse than finding a needle in a haystack. But if you wait till after the holiday, you’ll find a better selection of the hard-to-find items you really wanted to buy. Everyone else will already have purchased, so you can expect to get the hot items with easy effort.


4. Better Customer Service

The only people more stressed during the holiday season than shoppers are the people who are forced to work during the sales. You may not get the best customer service before Christmas because you’ll be competing with tons of other shoppers. But if you wait till after, then you’re likely to get much more individual attention to help you buy what you want.


3. Buy for Next Year

Another reason to buy after Christmas is to prepare for other holidays. You can find great deals on wrapping paper, decorations and more, all which will make your home more festive the following years.

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2. New Year’s Sales

For fitness buffs, fitness-product prices go down after the New Year to correspond with New Years’ resolutions. You can find plenty of these items discounted, which will help you with your own resolutions, as well.

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1. Use Gift Cards

And, last but not least, if you are on a budget, waiting to shop till after Christmas means you can use the gift cards that you may have received from friends and family. Not only can you buy things for yourself, but gift cards are also a great way to buy gifts for other people, on whom who you may not want to spend a lot of money.

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Shopping after Christmas has a ton of benefits that will make your wallet quite happy. If you can avoid the nostalgia of Christmas day, remember why shopping after Christmas is a better idea.What’s been the best after-Christmas deal you’ve ever received?

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