3 Tips for Throwing a Memorable Kids Birthday Party

January 25, 2013 Life Tips


Kid's Birthday Cake - Another Awesome Barb Wong Cake-20090328-2 One of the most anticipated days in a young child’s year is his or her birthday. The constant reminders concerning the big day start about a month in advance and the excitement only grows, as the child whittles down the guest list and decides on what activities will fill the day. Every kid loves celebrating that special day with friends and family. Here are some useful tips to help you throw a birthday party that your child will never forget:

Plan around the seasons: Each season gives us unique opportunities to enjoy the environment around us. The summer is ideal for going to the beach, the fall is perfect for an outdoor cookout and games, and the winter has snow activities from sledding and skiing to building snow forts. As children grow, they begin to embrace their birthday season and genuinely enjoy the specific time of year.

Come one come all: When children are young and starting to make friends, they might not all share the same interests. A great way to help each guest enjoy your child’s birthday party is to assemble a handful of stations that one big group or multiple small groups can rotate around. Each station can feature a different craft or activity, like making paper airplanes and beaded necklaces to a potato sack race and basketball shooting contest.

Transform your home: Sometimes it’s easier to throw a birthday party at home, but don’t settle with just a few balloons or streamers; transform your home into your child’s favorite environment. If he likes the mystery within underwater depths, hang blue lights and pictures of sea creatures and schedule activities like a water balloon fight or fishing for apples. If your child enjoys fairytales, hang princess crowns and other “magical” treats from the ceiling, play dress up and create an enchanted realm in your own home.

Set the tone for your unforgettable birthday party with birthday invitations for kids. They come in countless sizes and designs, even specific princess invitations. When you send out these personalized invitations, your child’s friends will share the same genuine excitement and count down the days to the celebration.

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