4 Tips to Creating Perfect Birth Announcements

January 26, 2013 Life Tips


birth-announcement-cardSending a birth announcement is more than just a way to introduce your precious newborn to your family and close friends. A birth announcement is a tangible keepsake that both you and your child will cherish as she grows. Unlike wedding announcements, there’s no set etiquette to follow for birth announcements, so use this as an opportunity to be creative and express any family traits or characteristics through your card template and design. Here are four tips that will help you send a memorable birth announcement:

* Birth announcement wording is important for providing recipients with the detailed information they want to know about your newborn. Start with something like, “We joyfully welcome” and include the following information: your child’s full name and gender if not obvious from the name, time and date of birth, weight and length followed by the names of the proud parents and siblings.

* When is the best time to send the announcements? As many parents know, the first few months with a newborn can be stressful and sending birth announcements isn’t always at the forefront of new parents’ minds. Mail just a few at a time and have the entire batch of announcements sent out between three to six months after your baby is born.

* Is it appropriate to include a photo? Absolutely! Photos are a great way to visually introduce your child to the world. And what could possibly be cuter than a newborn baby? Have a professional arrange a baby-friendly photo shoot or upload your own photos to personalize your birth announcement.

* Sending a birth announcement to everyone in your address book is not necessary either, especially the people who may not have even known of the pregnancy! Create a simple list and only send birth announcements to your family, close friends and co-workers.

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