Top Canadian Tourism Locations

June 10, 2013 Family, Life Tips, Travel


Glacier with tourists in the Canadian RockiesWith ample wildlife and pristine scenery combined with big cities and unique cultures being, a tourist in Canada is an unforgettable experience. April is a great month to start planning a vacation for the summer or later in the year, but no matter the season, you are sure to find beauty throughout Canada. Here is a brief tourism guide to find the perfect place for you and your family to explore:


* The Canadian Rockies: Unlike the American Rocky Mountains, the Canadian Rockies display sharper points at the tops due to the heavily glaciated mountain range. Discover the wide valleys while driving through Banff or Jasper National Parks and enjoy the breathtaking and peaceful scenery along the way. Make sure to see Lake Louise and stay a night at the Banff Springs Hotel.

* Vancouver/Victoria: Visit British Colombia’s capital, Vancouver, where mountains meet the sea in this big city. Vancouver is unique because you can usually play a quick round of golf in the morning, enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many local restaurants, and finish your day skiing on the slopes. Then take an hour and a half ferry ride to the gorgeous city of Victoria on South Vancouver Island. The Old World British charm is seen throughout this lovely city, and you can gaze at the beautiful Gulf Islands on the ferry.

* Niagara Falls: One of the true wonders of the world, Niagara Falls, includes three massive water falls, Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and the smaller Bridal Veil Falls. This iconic spectacle is located on the Ontario, Canada-United States border. You will instantly hear the power behind the thunderous crash of water. The daredevils in the family can ride on the Maid of the Mist taking them to the heart of the falls and misting their clothes on a boat ride they’ll never forget.

* Baffin Island: Those that seek adventure will love Baffin Island – the fifth largest island in the world located in the Nunavut territory between Canadian mainland and Greenland. Baffin Island is home to raw, untouched nature with small Inuit villages and countless wildlife including walrus, whale species, caribou, polar bears, arctic fox, arctic wolf and sea birds. While on the island sign up for a dogsled or snowmobile tour to experience everything the pristine land has to offer.

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