Best Back-to-School Bargains on the Web

Particularly for those with multiple kids, back-to-school can be one of the most expensive times of year for parents of children as young as five and as old as college-aged. Here we will discuss some of the best Web sites offering deals on back-to-school items like laptops, fashion apparel, uniforms, calculators, dorm furnishings, textbooks and even prerequisite college courses.

1. Used laptops, tablets, calculators and more at Craigslist and Ebay

Craigslist now has a chapter representing almost every major metropolitan area throughout the world. It is the go-to marketplace for almost everything under the sun, including both new and used commuter bicycles, textbooks, school supplies, school uniforms and technology. Beware, though, since transactions occur between you and third party, so quality is not guaranteed and intuition of the integrity of those with whom you do business is required. Most transactions are conducted in person and in cash.


2. Girls’ Undershorts and Playground Shorts at Gap Canada and Old Navy

Does your girl love to wear skirts and dresses but also love to run wild on the playground? Let her be a girl while retaining modesty as she hangs upside-down on the monkey bars with undershorts specifically designed to wear under dresses, skirts and school uniforms. Gap sells them in packs of three, so stocking up for the week is easy and affordable.


3. School Uniforms at Gap Canada and Old Navy

Many schools are now adopting uniform or dress-code policies to to minimize stress and competition between students. Gap, Old Navy and Land’s End are the continent’s most popular suppliers of standardized school uniforms.


4. for hand-me-down-worthy children’s clothing that lasts for years

While retail prices are particularly high, the Hanna Andersson difference is that its clothing wears like iron and lasts forever, making your investment worth its weight in gold if you have children who will one day grow to inherit their older siblings’ clothes.


5. Marginally-priced used textbooks at,,,, and

Considering current textbook prices, it’s an unforgivable sin against the bank account to buy new books when a perfectly good copy in the correct edition is available used at one of these popular and accredited online trading sites.


6. Google local community listings for used furniture, used bicycles, used clothing and other dorm furnishings

Craigslist isn’t the only online resource for used, functional supplies that your children need. Many local online sellers are out there; it’s just a matter of finding them.


7. Google local community listings for prerequisite course offerings

Why pay for four years of university at an expensive school when you can take your prerequisite courses at a community college for much less? You can always transfer to a bigger school for higher-level coursework later on. A community college in your area can help mitigate the costs of a college degree.


8. Office Max and Office Depot run online back-to-school specials

While these retailers are usually more expensive than your local grocery or department store, they run extensive specials during the weeks before school starts again and carry a much more varied selection.


What Web sites to you use for back-to-school bargains?

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