Don’t Overlook These Stationery Goodies

January 23, 2013 Shopping Tips


Stationery You likely already appreciate the value of keeping your business stocked with necessary office supplies like pens and staples, but do you overlook the organizational and professional benefits of using supplies like appointment cards and mailing labels?  Brand identity is important as competition is fierce. Separating yourself from the rest will help expand your business. Use these stationery goodies to boost company-wide organization, professionalism and your overall brand appeal.

* Appointment cards: Similar to the sticker that mechanics place in the corner of your windshield after an oil change, appointment cards are a great way to help remind your customers, patients or clients of their next scheduled appointment. They are perfect for physical therapists, salon owners or maintenance professionals and all businesses whose clients need to remember appointments.

* Envelope seals: A handwritten letter is hard to come by these days and one mailed with a classy envelope seal is a great way to express the personal attention you give the recipient. Upload your business logo and further your brand identity using a customized envelope seal. They are perfect for personal invites and announcements.

* Custom notebooks: Create a custom notebook featuring your businesses logo and slogan or upload an inspirational image accompanied by a quote and hand them out to your clients and prospects, keeping your business in the back of their minds.

* Mailing labels: Stand out from the boring envelopes that fill your customer’s mailbox. Use customized mailing labels and receive instant brand recognition. Upload your own unique logo and choose one of the thousand designs that best represent your business. Mailing labels will also help keep your mailroom organized and efficient, saving you a step in the mailing process.

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