How to Throw a Great Bridal Shower

February 15, 2013 Wedding


Bridal shower/wedding cupcake toppersPlanning a bridal shower can be time-consuming and stressful, it’s a great time to celebrate the bride’s upcoming marriage and shower her with gifts and well-wishes before the start of the next chapter in her life. The last party anyone wants to attend involves anxiously sitting around a room watching someone open gifts; unfortunately, this is the case for poorly planned bridal showers. Before you or a friend begins planning a shower for the bride-to-be, take a look at these helpful tips on throwing a great shower:

  • Bridal shower invitations are not nearly as formal as the wedding invitations. However, it is important to clarify with the couple who is invited to the wedding before sending out the bridal shower invites. The last thing you want is someone attending the bridal shower who didn’t receive an invitation to the wedding. Also, don’t include registry information on the bridal shower invites; instead pass that information along when the guests ask. The invitations should be sent out a month in advance.
  • Choose a location that works for all the guests and your budget. Showers are commonly thrown at someone’s home, or you can plan a more unique bridal shower like an afternoon boat cruise or cookout.
  • Every bridal shower should have a theme that isn’t watching the bride open gifts for three hours. Instead, organize a wine tasting with cheese event to keep guests occupied. Or, if the couple is going somewhere warm for their honeymoon, a beach theme with festive drinks and party bags would be a fun way to send off the bride before her wedding
  • Decorations can set the mood for any party and, depending on the theme for your bridal shower, placing fun, small decorations around the house will create a pleasant atmosphere. No need for you to stress over a centerpiece though; have your guests pile up their gifts on a coffee table, giving the bride a central location to open her gifts.
  • Bridal shower gifts are a unique beast. Many times guests are unsure what to buy and employ the “cross the fingers” technique in hopes another guest doesn’t come bearing the same gift. Put an end to these issues and organize a “round the clock” gift-giving theme. Assign certain guests different times during the day and ask them to give a gift that is used during their designated time. For example, someone in the 7 a.m. time slot could buy a waffle or coffee maker while someone in the 6 p.m. time slot would buy dinner plates and napkins.
  • Lastly, a great bridal shower will leave its guests with a small party favor. Throw trinkets like picture frames, nail polish or towel sets into a decorative bag for the guests. Or, commemorate the shower with personalized coffee mugs so friends and family will always remember the special celebration.

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