Keeping Everyone Happy at the Bachelor Party

February 13, 2013 Wedding


As the best man or groomsmen, planning the bachelor party falls to you. Of course, you want to send your friend off into married life with great memories of his party, but you also need to ensure his bachelor party never becomes a source of contention between him and his bride-to-be. Not every bachelor party has to live up to the Hollywood stereotype of copious amounts of alcohol and scantily clad women. Your best friend’s bachelor party should be as unique – and classy – as he is.

Follow these tips to make sure the groom-to-be enjoys his last night before officially tying the knot:

  • The most important aspect of planning a bachelor party is listening to what the groom wants. If he would prefer a low-key day playing golf or maybe tickets to a sporting event have everyone pitch in to make it happen. Don’t force anything on the groom.
  • After gaining an understanding of the bachelor’s preferred evening, take the reins yourself and start an e-mail thread with all the bachelor party guests to figure out the logistics.
  • The bachelor’s wallet should stay at home. The best practice is to cover all the expenses beforehand so they can be evenly divided among the party guests.

Canada is home to several unique locations to throw a memorable bachelor party. Depending on your friend’s preferred type of evening, endless options exist to keep him entertained. Here are some helpful event-planning companies throughout Canada that will organize a perfect bachelor party:

  • Toronto has been known to feature some of the best and most exotic nightlife; some even compare it to that of Miami and New York in the United States. Toronto-VIP is an official VIP service that arranges and organizes bachelor parties catered to your wants and needs. Tear up the dance clubs and enjoy a luxury cigar in a VIP lounge, tour the Hockey Hall of Fame or get backstage passes to Toronto’s International Film Festival.
  • Niagra-VIP is another official VIP service that will help plan and execute a bachelor party package. For the dare devil bachelor, arrange an extreme adventure at Niagara Falls and schedule indoor skydiving or a whirlpool jet tour at the base of the falls.
  • Vancouver is also home to official party planning companies that create specific packages for all types of bachelor parties. Some of the most popular packages include paintball outings, salmon fishing trips, rock climbing and a provocative and succulent sushi dinner.


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