Budgeting for Spring Marketing

March 11, 2013 Financial Tips


SpringSpringtime is right around the corner, the birds are chirping, snow is melting and people are once again flocking outdoors to the warmer weather. Now is the time to plan your spring marketing budget so your business starts to see results come April and May. Timely marketing techniques will help attract more traffic to your store or website during the spring season, so try a few of these ideas to help catapult your business into the spring season:


~Although college students and party goers are stereotypical spring-breakers, this time is also when families like to travel as well. Whether it’s for a family wedding, graduation or a leisurely vacation to the beach, now is the time to highlight all of the goods and services you have to make your customer’s vacation plans easier. Bundle sandals and sunblock or give away a T-shirt every 10th purchase to remind your customers of the warm weather.

~Plan some event marketing, sponsor a local marathon or plan a barbecue outside of your business for your customers and employees. It’s a great way to be seen, give back and interact with the people who you count on for business.

~Do some spring cleaning of your own in the form of your website, social media sites, signs, business cards, posters or banners you have around town. A fresh new look will keep people intrigued in your business and attract new customers who may not have noticed your previous design. Every now and then a subtle refresh in your marketing materials is all you need for continued success.

Your business can capitalize on the warm weather and catch a little spring fever by budgeting for spring-based marketing techniques that your current and potential customers can relate to and engage with.


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