11 Insightful Small Business Tips from Vistaprint Customers

When you start a business it’s hard to find people going through what you are going through. Thankfully, Vistaprint spent the past 2 years making amazing video interviews with current small business owners. The result was a series of inspiring small business stories from Vistaprint customers like Tess and Lea. You’ll walk away being inspired and equipped with insightful marketing tips to help you grow your business. Watch the first video below:

1. How Car Door Magnets Helped Grow a Gardening Business:

Tess runs a gardening business and uses door magnets to help advertise her business. Because of the car door magnet Tess always has new people asking for business cards, even on the road! Tess loves how the magnets can come on and off easily so can enjoy being off-duty with her family.

2. Inspiration To Start a Business:

Are you looking for inspiration to start a business? While she is most happy with snowboarding, Tess worked on building a business around her second love which is gardening. Watch how she was inspired to start her gardening business.

3. How Vistaprint Helped Tess Grow Her Business:

Just about anyone can be a gardener so watch how Vistaprint’s business cards helped Tess and her gardening business stand out.

4. Saving Time With Mailing Services:

Tess breaks down how much time she saves by using Vistaprint’s mailing service to advertise her business. Watch and learn about the mailing service Tess can’t live without.

5. A Typical Day in the Gardening Business:

Watch what a typical day is like running a gardening business. Tess walks you through each step of her day and how she deals with new customers.

6. How to Look Professional Covered In Dirt:

Tess has a dirty job as a gardener. Sometimes she is covered head to toe in dirt! Tess explains how she maintains a professional appearance running her gardening business.

7. Inspiration From a 23 Year Old Business Owner:

Lea bought her own business after college at the age of 23. Hear how Lea got there and the challenges she went through.

8. Looking Professional With a Lovely Logo:

As a 23 year old business owner, Lea had to look for ways to become more professional. Watch how she made her own logo that she now uses on her all Vistaprint products!

9. Launching The First Cupcake Truck:

Lea explains how she got her first van and converted into a cupcake truck. If you are in the food business, Lea suggests this is a great way to expand your business without renting another location.

10. Sometimes, You’re Meant to Run a Business:

Lea explains how she always has a drive to own her own business. Watch this inspiring business owner story.

11. Creative Coupon Marketing to Drive Sales:

Postcards from Vistaprint were a pivotal way to help grow Lea’s bakery business. She enjoys how Vistaprint makes it easy to turn postcards into coupons. Watch her coupon marketing tips and tricks so you can use coupons and postcards to grow your business.

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