3 Ways to Achieve Word-of-Mouth Fame

March 22, 2013 Marketing Tips


Social Media CafeWe no longer live in a world where good news travels solely through face-to-face interactions. With the rampant growth of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, word-of-mouth marketing has grown to new mediums.

Gaining fans and followers is a start, but keeping your customers engaged and interacting with your business will help the word of your company grow to their network. Here are three ways to reach word-of-mouth fame by integrating positive in-store interaction with engaging online discussion and customer promotion:

* Don’t forget your roots. A thriving local business always provides above-and-beyond customer service. From a friendly smile upon walking in the door to staying open late for a customer or making a delivery on the weekend, this is the kind of personalized service local businesses provide that is appreciated by your customers and not forgotten. People enjoy sharing their positive experiences with others and do so constantly on social media websites. Starting a positive conversation online begins with a positive interaction in-store.

* Stay in touch and reach out to your customers consistently. Send thank you letters to your biggest accounts and create a customer newsletter sent to their e-mails providing them with information on the latest deals and offers at your local business. Another great way to keep your customers coming back is handing out loyalty cards where your customers receive a stamp after each purchase and when they reach a specific amount of stamps their next purchase is free.

* Engage with your fans and followers on social media. Ask your online following questions, create polls, provide information about products or your industry and learn from their responses. This interaction yields insights into what your customers enjoy about your business and services. The members of your community are the driving forces of your business. Being open to their comments and suggestions will make them feel wanted and connected to your business. That connection is what drives positive online and offline conversation about your business and why they thoroughly enjoy all facets of your service.

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