6 Creative Ways To Use Business Card Stickers

June 13, 2013 Marketing Tips


Are you looking for ways to make your business cards “stick” around a little longer?

Business card stickers are among the newest marketing trends emerging across different industries. Rather than rely on traditional business cards to network with others, creative business owners are opting to go with something that lasts longer and makes a far greater impression on potential customers.

That is where business card stickers come in. Popular and easy-to-use, business card stickers are the type of item you want seen on folders, products and other products to make your message “stick” longer with customers. When it comes to using business card stickers, the more creative you are the better results you get.

With that being said, here are six ingenious ways to put your business card stickers to use:

1. Seal Envelopes

Stick them to the backside of your sealed envelopes on all correspondence you mail out. Business card stickers will serve as address labels and an inexpensive way to advertise to individuals and businesses. People opening the envelopes will see your information and then want to contact you for more information.
Creative Stickers

2. Packages

Seal all of your packages with them. If you have a bubble mailer or box that needs to be taped together, use business card stickers in place of tape. This is an attractive way to present your business to people around the world, especially those individuals that may know nothing about the products and services you have to offer.

3. Press Packets

Attach business card stickers to the outside of packets that you send off to the media. Generate some press by appearing reliable and reputable to members of the press. Once they’ve received your promotional items, they’ll have an easy way to follow up with you because your contact information will be on the front of the folders or manila envelopes that you sent out.
Press Packets

4. Gifts

Donate products or gift certificates to local charities to raffle off. Place a business card sticker on or with the items so that people will see where the gifts came from. In addition to helping out a good cause, you’re increasing your exposure as a business.

5. Creative Promotional Products

Create promotional products specifically to place business card stickers on. The sky is virtually the limit where creativity is concerned. If you’re a lawn and garden company, you can place stickers on packets of seeds and hand them out at trade shows and product demos. This is one example of how an existing product can be dressed up with your contact information and logo.

6. Baked Goods

Bake some cookies or another type of pastry and attach a sticker to the bottom of the serving tray. Pass these items out to area businesses as a way to network and build strong relationships with them. The people who receive your edible gift will be grateful and know that they can count on you whenever they need a particular product or service.
Baked Goods

How will you use your business card stickers?

Business card stickers have a variety of uses. Your imagination will help you determine which ideas listed here will work best for your business. Transform the way people look at you and the products and services you have to offer. Stickers are long lasting, attractive, and fun-to-use. Don’t forget to leave a stack in the businesses you frequently visit as a way to reach out to others that you may not come into contact with each day.
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