What Social Network Is Best For Your Marketing Plan?

Obviously the Internet has drastically changed almost every aspect of our everyday lives, from socializing with friends to finding a job. Managing and marketing a business has also been impacted by the Internet, including social networking websites. Business owners now have the option of promoting their products and services through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and they are finding that social networking can be a great tool when it comes to marketing their services.

If you own your own business, especially if you are trying to increase sales and visibility, you probably have considered using social networking, but you may not be sure which social network is the best choice for your needs. The good news is that with today’s variety of social networks, you are sure to find the perfect website for your marketing plan. Read on for a quick tutorial:

Know the Networks

The first step is to consider the different types of social networking websites out there. Sites like Facebook, Google+ and MySpace allow you to create an online profile for a business or person. You can also use these sites to post updates and photos, create pages to highlight upcoming events and communicate with customers. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook and Google+, but caters to the professional community — a perfect choice for the B2B arena. Twitter, on the other hand, also lets you post photos, but has the option to make short posts and updates, such as quick announcements about new products. Tumblr and Instagram are much more photo oriented and allow you to upload and edit pictures. A business owner who hopes to promote a product via demonstration might even post a video demonstration to YouTube.

Match Your Needs

Once you’re familiar with the social-network options available, you should determine what kind of website is best suited to your business and its services. For example, entrepreneurs who who make their own jewelry or clothing might consider using Instagram or Tumblr to post photos of their products, and the owner of a clothing seller might use Facebook to chat with customers and offer promotions. Business owners can, of course, use more than one social network for marketing purposes, using the unique features of each site to advertise different aspects of their businesses.

Build Your Customer Base

Social-network marketing is also a great way to increase visibility and recognition of your business. Potential customers can easily find information about your business online and see what kinds of products are offered. Social networking also gives your business a modern air that implies it is up-to-date with current technology, there by attracting more customers. Through social-network marketing, you can build a customer base and make the most of your advertising plan.

What social network do you use most when promoting your business? Why does it work best for you?

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