Five Summer Road Trips That Should Be On Your Bucket List

August 16, 2013 Travel


With summer comes the time to start planning where you will be going on vacation. Whether you’re looking for some personal adventure or a relaxing time with your family, you’re probably looking places that will stand out and live in your photographs and memories for years to come. If you can’t decide where to go, there are five places you should put on your to-do list this summer that will give you the experiences of a lifetime.

Dinosaur Park

This national park in the eastern side of Alberta is a canyon of fossils and remains of the massive creatures seen in “Jurassic Park.” If you’ve always wanted and up-close view of dinosaur bones and the places from where they’re extracted, this park is a place you need to visit. Both interpretive trips and self-guided tours can be taken in the park, and if you love to hike through the boulders and rocky trails of rock layers, you’ll enjoy a trip to this park.


Quebec City

Montreal may be the most well-known city in Quebec, but Quebec City provides a vastly different experience that will take you even deeper into the French roots of early Canada. Lively, entertaining and charming, Quebec City’s streets are always alive with entertainers, from jugglers to pantomimes, you can watch bedazzled. The streets of Old Quebec are easy to find and a walk down the cobblestones of the old neighborhoods is something you shouldn’t miss.

quebec city

Pacific Rim National Park

The national park in Vancouver is a great place to vacation and see nature at its finest. You can hike along trails in the woodlands and visit Tsisouiat Falls, a waterfall that cascades out of the thick forest onto the West-Coast trail beach. You just might catch sight of some exotic birds or the Pacific sunset. To experience nature’s full display, drive out to Vancouver and hop aboard the ferry to Vancouver Island where you can take in Pacific Rim National Park.


Niagara Falls

North America’s largest waterfall is just too good not to visit. When you visit Niagara Falls, you can choose from all kinds of ways to experience the wonders of the falls. You can not only travel the tunnels underneath the falls and see the water pouring down within feet from you, you can also ride the Maid of the Mist boat and see the falls from just down below. Also nearby are attractions such as the Botanical Gardens and an Aero Car that crosses the Niagara River gorge.


Prince Edward Island

A trip through the woods of New Brunswick to the provincial Prince Edward Island is also one to put on your bucket list. Cross the Confederation Bridge to the island for a trip to a land where the fast pace of life quiets and the land is alive with fresh air. If you’re looking for a place to escape and play golf, go fishing, or visit some Victorian-era houses and museums that tell the story of Prince Edward Island. Perhaps you’ve read the novel “Anne of Green Gables.” Author L.M. Montgomery’s inspiration was the house and property on Prince Edward Island available to visit via guided tour. If you need a breather or just need life to slow down for a while, then drive out to Prince Edward Island and do just that.

prince edward island

If road trips to all of these destinations don’t fit into your calendar, which one(s) would you most want to visit?

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